A Guide to Home Yoga Practice

There is a lot you can achieve practicing yoga at home. It will save you time, money and it will help you self-discovery more than you would attend a yoga class. But for some, beginning the ritual is like climbing an uphill. Here is a guide on what to do to succeed with yoga at home.

Have an open mind

Once you decide to practice from home, you must know that you’ve become your teacher and student at the same time. You must train as though you are receiving instructions from a trainer and accept mistakes just like a learner does. Don’t judge yourself or compete with what you think should be better done. Only stay consistent and curious while you keep trying out various positions. You will be amazed how this attitude it will work wonders for you right there on your home mat.

Read Yoga books

One of the reasons you pay for yoga classes is to seek knowledge. You also need yoga experience while practicing at home. Do a little shopping of some essential Yoga books. I recommend “Forty Days of Yoga” by Kara-Leah Grant; because this book will prepare you and also give you solutions on how to fight back at the barriers that may thwart your home practice.

Another great book would be “the alkaline diet for yoga” by Mariana Correa. It is perfect for home Yoga practitioners because it explains the foods that should be eaten to boost your yoga practice. It has an outline of 50 alkaline recipes for yoga. It will help you prepare the right healthy meals for yoga right there in your home while at practice.

The third one is “Light on Yoga” by B.K.S. Iyengar. You will need this to understand what Yoga truly is. It gives you an ancient understanding of yoga and several illustrations of breathing positions.

First, learn the fundamentals in class

Before you start doing your own, attend a few Yoga classes so that you master the basics. Postures such as asana may require a professional hand. One or two weeks of regular yoga class is enough for you to learn the basics.

Try to practice in the morning

Several Yoga teachers have, and doctors have confirmed that practicing Yoga in the morning provides high energy levels throughout the day and sets a good mental tone able to fight back at stress or any mind distractions you may encounter during the day. The asana practice is one great way to start your morning practice. It will help you achieve calmness.

Create space

If you have enough room, create a quiet, clean room for your practice. Then store there your yoga mat, strap, blocks, blanket, pillow, props or whatever practice material you use. When you create space specifically for your practice, it sets up your mind to be in the mood for yoga whenever at that spot. Big space or an entire room shouldn’t bother you of you don’t have enough space in your house. It’s all in mind. You can even lay your mat on your bedroom floor and practice will still flow.

Buy/download practice material

Visual training manuals can be distractive and interfere with your practice, but this will happen only at the start. As you progress with your daily dose of practice, you will eventually learn to cope and not be addicted to them. Once you do, a training video will make you feel like you are in a class with the rest which will motivate you.